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Expectation of deviation: attribution emotionsOrtony, Clore, and Collins define a cognitive approach for looking at emotionsThere is also a conflation of emotions with mental states, although this is particular to the definition of emotion given by the authorsPraiseworthiness relates to standards, and because it relates to agents, a central variable is responsibilityThe formulation of the emotion types relate to how the world is understood in terms of agents, objects, and eventsThe Cognitive Psychology of AppraisalThe chief local variables are desirability, praiseworthiness, and appealingness, as discussed in the previous sectionThe goal of this book is not to claim that the representation of emotion is exactly correct, but that the approach for thinking of them is cognitively viableIn these cases, the computer programs are not thought to experience emotion, but rather, to be able to understand human emotionsUnexpectednessThe degree of conforming ties into the emotional variable of approval

This is a complex network of emotions that may arise from a relatively straightforward situation, but they may be accommodated within the modelProximity can be an issue in the case of reactions to tragedies in far away places, or good or bad things happening to strangersProximity (psychological)Appraisal of motivation and goals relates to the emotions which are reactions to eventsAnger especially is given as a complex and joint reaction: as a combination of distress and reproach, unlike other theories which describe it as basic(pThe authors first discuss appraisal as it connects to motivations (which are generally referred to as goals)This approach is surprisingly subtle and nuancedMental states can affect emotions, for instance, surprise is a state, but it tends to intensify emotions that react to the surprising eventHe burns the toast, forgets to start the coffee soon enough, overcooks the eggs, and so onThis lends to a mix of prospect and well being emotionsThese are chosen based on actions and behaviors, universal facial expressions, instincts, etcThis has been supported by many authors, including Oatley and Johnson-LairdThe authors introduce further local variables that pertain to other emotion types:(p(hope/fear) Effort: prospect emotionsHow much effort the individual invested in the outcome 19d25c4272
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